Milano, WWII + La Resistenza

By Andrew Nip & Natalie Zawadzki

Milan, the last stronghold for the Fascists in Italy, saw everyday citizens take extraordinary steps to fight Fascists in hopes of freeing the city from their grip. During the late 1920s, Fascists took power in Italy and for a short time, provided economic stimulus but soon quality of life deteriorated due to military excursions into Spain and agreements such as the Pact of Steel inextricably linked Italy with Germany in the lead-up to World War II. A combination of the country’s lack of production capabilities compared to that of Germany or Great Britain, inferior military equipment and military failures such as the invasion of Russia in 1941 opened the eyes of the Italians to the deception that the Fascists pulled on the general populace. Methods used by the Milanese to fight back against the Fascists included general strikes and sabotage despite the fact that the Fascists fought back with retribution executions.

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