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Giulio Iacchetti

Giulio Iachetti was born in 1966 in Castelleone, Italy. After graduating from the architecture program at Politecnico di Milano, he started his own design firm in 1992. He is an active lecturer and teacher at design schools both within and outside of Italy. He believes heavily in the idea of democratizing designs and often organizes projects the require several types of intelligences and views. He works collaboratively not only with members of his studio but also clients and focuses on the sharing of design knowledge and methods. His client list includes Bialetti, Casamania, Ferrero, Pandora Design, COOP, and De Vecchi just to name a few.


ItaliaDesign conducts 10-15 interviews each year with leading design professionals, primarily in Rome and Milan. A virtual “who’s who” of Italian Design welcome us into their studios each year and generously share their wisdom with our students. Lasting relationships and networks have been built between SFU, its students + some of the world’s great designers. Important historical artifacts have been gathered in speaking with the maestros of Italian Design, such as Alessandro Mendini, Ernesto Gismondi, and many others. Italy’s emergent new leaders in design share their thoughts with us, including designers Giulio Iacchetti, Roberto Palomba, Francesco Gomez Paz, Cinzia Ferrara, and Mark Sadler; as well as leading architectural firms such as IaN+. And innovative openings for design are explored such as with innovators like Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino + Arduino. Design educators such as Claudio Moderini of Domus and Stefano Mirti of ID Lab + manufacturers such as Alessi, Artemide, and many others, open their doors to us each year. These “incontri” are documented in this section.

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