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360 Panoramas

A collection of interactive panoramic images taken while infield, allowing the exploration of space through images taken at multiple viewing angles.


“What do you do on the Field School?”, is answered in this section. But through the lens of the student and the program experiences, not projects and study. That is covered elsewhere on this site. ItaliaDesign spends seven weeks in Italy each spring/summer and the learning is deeply experiential. When matched up with research and analytical approaches profound connections can be made for the learner and for the ItaliaDesign project. We believe that the student cannot understand contemporary design in Italy without understanding how the culture works and has been working as its own “legacy project” for millennia. For example, it is possible through understanding how artisanal craft, the quality of food, how wine is produced in Italy, to see how the same issues of quality, craft, and know-how transfer and translate into design and its form in Italy. In this section you will find interviews with artisans, Tuscan winery tours, studies of Roman neighbourhoods, and other assets that connect “design” to everyday life.

italiaDesign is an undergraduate field school and research program offered by the School of Interactive Arts + Technology (SIAT) at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. italiaDesign is a sister program to